That night, the pirates held a council of war. "Now listen very carefully," said the Captain.

"Cut-throat Jake is camped in the old Spanish fort with the greatest hoard of treasure in history.

We know he is there, but he thinks we are thousands of miles away. Ho-ho-he's got a nasty surprise coming to him."

"For at dawn tomorrow, when the tide is low and the water is shallow, we shall don our monstrous disguise and advance upon the island. There will be no fighting of course, oh no, nothing as dangerous as that. The very sight of us will terrify Jake and his crew. They'll abandon the treasure, flee to their ship and we, me hearties, we shall all be as rich as Kings!"

The pirates were all very excited when they heard the Captain's plan. Only Tom the cabin-boy didn't seem quite so happy about It.

But Pugwash said. "Don't interrupt, Tom, when your elders and betters are speaking. This is my idea and a very clever one, too."

"We can get along quite well without you. You can stay behind and cook the dinner and mind the ship!"